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Ukraine: AutoLeader joins AMERIGO International

AutoLeader, leading the market in Ukraine, joins AMERIGO International.

Founded in 1996, AutoLeader sales parts for passenger and commercial cars in the region. The main warehouse is located in Khmelnitsky, and the Ukrainian company also owns several warehouses in Kiev, Lviv, Lutsk, Chernivtsi etc. The company today works with more than 165 employees, helping more than 700 clients to find the best part for them.

The car park of the enterprise consists of 54 cars, which every night leave on their routes, that would deliver the goods to customers in the morning. Distance up to 600 km. With the opening of the Kiev warehouse, the same opportunity appeared to deliver goods the next morning and to the eastern regions of Ukraine. Cars are sent with the goods to customers 4 times a day.

Welcome AutoLeader!


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