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TMD Friction about to release Nisshinbo and Don in Algeria

The global manufacturer of brake pads for light and heavy vehicles, TMD Friction, part of AMERIGO International, is expanding its distribution by releasing two other brands in the Maghreb.

While many companies sell brake pads, few of them can boast of actually manufacturing brake pads, as does TMD Friction, one of the major players in the production of pads worldwide, with one million units manufactured per day. TMD Friction markets several brands such as Textar in light and heavy vehicles, Nisshinbo in light vehicles (original equipment on Japanese and Korean vehicles), Don, in light and heavy vehicles or Mintex. 513/5000 Eager to increase its presence in Algeria, the group decided to launch Nisshinbo and Don in Algeria, thus creating an alternative to its distribution networks, as Thomas Julien, commercial director for France and the Maghreb specifies: "We have the will to increase distribution, in order to create a stronger and more complete network in Algeria, while preserving our current distribution. This is why, we are releasing on the market two brands that were not previously distributed in Algeria." Recall that Nisshinbo has also been the name of the parent company of the TMD group since 2012.

TMD Friction is also about to release an e-learning program on the Maghreb to support distributors and their customers. The programs will be deployed first in French, English and German.

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