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#New Member: Israel - B.M. Spark Plugs joins Amerigo International

B.M Spark plugs Ltd Company. was founded in 1992, by the CEOs Rachel and Avi Balaish.

The Company is a Family-owned company and employs 37 employees that provide service to all parts of the country.

Their motto is quality and service above all and that is the secret of our success!!

They invest all their efforts to provide the best service experience to the customers in order to maintain their leading place in the Israeli market

In 2020, they have moved to their new advanced logistic center, which covers about 6,000 square meters. They are using all the most advanced and up-to-date computer & logistics systems to bring the customer experience to the highest level, the website has been built especially for the Israeli market and is entirely adapted to existing vehicles in the Israeli market.

They are today providing service and supplying more than 700 satisfied customers, including car companies, leasing, rental, companies and spare parts shops.

You can check out their website at BM Spark.


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