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Mobil joins AMERIGO International

AMERIGO International is delighted to announce a new referenced Supplier in its portfolio: Mobil.

Founded in 1911, the American brand Mobil merged in 1999 with the Exxon, becoming ExxonMobil. The American company is famous in three areas: the supply of fuel, distributed in Esso gas stations, but also, the production of motor oil and industrial lubricants. For daily vehicles, the firm has developed Mobil 1 oil. This lubricant, which is used throughout the world, meets the needs of all cars, from city cars to utility vehicles, including trucks and Formula 1 vehicles.

Offering high quality oils and lubricants, Mobil has conquered the automotive market around the world. They are used to top up engine oil, for example when checking levels. Formulated with a blend of several high-performance synthetic oils, this product removes engine sludge as well as the build-up of deposits in the various components of the engine. Every engine, new or old, can benefit from the performance of this Mobil synthetic oil designed to improve performance and longevity. The Mobil 1 range of oils is varied to suit each vehicle, giving each user the flexibility to find the one that suits them.

Mobil is a strong brand who decided to expand with AMERIGO International, welcome!

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