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International and Human

AMERIGO International had the honor to be highlighted in ZePros' European IAM distribution Atlas.

Launched in 2018, the AMERIGO International group does not aim to compete head-on with the big groups in the aftermarket. Their motto: carry locally each distributor, step by step, and give them an international scope.

The AMERIGO International project started in 2017 with 30 AUTOMOTOR France distributors and its CEO, Olivier van Ruymbeke. The idea was to give its suppliers the opportunity to gain new international customers, especially in North and Sub-Saharan Africa; two markets hard to start for those who do not know the local social rules and structures. In September 2018, AMERIGO International was officially launched under the spotlights of the international trade fair Automechanika Frankfurt. Today, the purchasing group is active in more than 20 countries, has around 40 distributors dealing with more than 30 suppliers and represent more than $ 650 million turnover.

Rising challengers through international support

This is indeed the added value of the young group: to act internationally while giving a chance to medium-sized distributors who do not always have access to the over-distributed suppliers. As Émile Boucton, head of business development at AMERIGO International, explains: “Today there are 7 International Trading Groups in the world having for 80% of their portfolio the same suppliers. We definitely had to come up with a different concept. Looking at the reality, the decision maker for opening an account with a distributors/member is the Supplier, it doesn’t matter from which group the distributors/members are. In fact, small and medium-sized distributors sometimes might feel a little unconsidered. By offering them exclusive access to challengers suppliers, very present in OE but less in Aftermarket, we bring them a real different offer to compete locally". The 10 distributors who recently joined AMERIGO International were not part of any ITG/Group. They took this decision because of two major highlights that makes the reputation of the group: having guaranteed direct access to suppliers, with a real strategy and support from AMERIGO International and the manufacturers together, through a different brand approach. It allows them to build a « less-dependent market » from the over-distributed brands. AMERIGO International Members are enjoying the “RELIABLE” catalog, an exclusive tools provided by AMERIGO International and AUTOMOTOR France, gathering all the sparts and/or original parts data, with many other features coming for 2021… Morever AMERIGO International reinforce the Members’ logistics thanks its Rosny-sous-Bois platform which is a unique solution/support among buying groups services. In other words, the group offers to its distributors access to international logistics and marketing support. “We provide to distributors access to marketing solutions, logistics services/support that they might not have developed on their own, thanks to our market experience. The group now offers a panel of services to support the development of each member", underlines Jean van Ruymbeke, head of marketing and communication.

Tailor-made support, step by step

Beyond the organizational aspect, AMERIGO International commits to support each of its distributors as if they are unique. No way for AMERIGO International to become a purchasing group that collects distributors. The challenge and the real added value is: to get involved on a case-by-case basis, market by market, project after project, they always stay as close as possible to each member. AMERIGO International continues to invest in digital solutions that allow distributors to better communicate with suppliers. Like the "E-RELIABLE" digital platform, launched only few weeks ago. "Our goal, definitely, is to have the best added value, not to be the biggest as fast as possible. AMERIGO International is a long-term project. We are growing together with our members, we are building step by step a stronger business model for each of them. This is our strength”, concludes Émile Boucton.

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