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IJS joins AMERIGO International

AMERIGO International is delighted to announce a new referenced Supplier in its portfolio: IJS Group.

From its foundation in 1945, Industrias Sardañes S.L, IJS, has distinguished itself as a pioneering and prestige company in the development and production of automotive spare parts

The company is prepared for any type of exigency requested by our client. Its production media allow us to manufacture more than 1.000.000 units annually, of which 80% are destined for export. IJS has a high technology machinery to realize big production in optimized time and is able to offer a high quality product to grant a competitive price in constant evolution.

The Spanish supplier today produces crankshafts pulleys, alternator pulleys, camshaft pulleys, wheel hubs, wheels bearing kits, distribution chain kits, anti-vibration tensioners, brake discs...

IJS is a European strong brand that will help AMERIGO International's Members. Welcome!


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