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Equip Auto Algeria l This is it

The 2019 Equip Auto Algeria trade fair, leading aftermarket event in Northern Africa, was an opportunity for AMERIGO International to present itself for the first time in its short existence and create a solid and active marketplace for its shareholders and suppliers.

After its official launch in September 2018 at the Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair, AMERIGO International started 2019 with a bang at Equip Auto Algeria. AMERIGO International had, for the first time, a stand of over 100 m2 at the leading trade fair in Northern Africa, thus assuring their marketplace role between shareholders and suppliers such as Akebono, Exide, Cavo, Saleri and TMD Friction who were presenting their products to all the players in the Algerian market.


«AMERIGO International was created in order to meet the needs and expectations of distributors from emerging countries, and those of the suppliers that wish to accompany them,» tells Olivier van Ruymbeke, CEO of AMERIGO International. «Exhibiting in Algiers perfectly illustrates our mission: in a market that we know inside out, we are providing our partner suppliers with a marketplace to exhibit their products, their expertise and to meet directly with local players.»

Christophe Combo, Aftermarket Director for Europe and Africa of the Japanese brake specialist Akebono confirms this vision: «We have benefitted from having our products in a magnificent spotlight and we have met with most of the Algerian players in just a few days. As a partner of AMERIGO International since the beginning, we are more convinced than ever of the opportunities that the Algerian market offers us for Asian and premium applications.»

Patrick Tarozzo, Area Manager of Italy’s Saleri, a water pump supplier, shares this enthusiasm: «Our presence at the trade fair with AMERIGO International is wholly justified. Exhibiting on our own makes no sense to us, but AMERIGO International allows us to speak freely with our current clients and to discover new potential partners.»

This trade fair has therefore been a success businesswise. It was also the occasion to bring together partner suppliers and Algerian shareholders at a gala dinner to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the founding meeting of AMERIGO International in Algeria. «I was especially touched and proud to see the partner suppliers present despite the uncertain political climate,» adds Olivier van Ruymbeke, CEO of AMERIGO International. «Everyone showed up, which is an additional proof of their involvement in our project and of their understanding of developing markets.»

New members coming soon As a reminder, AUTOMOTOR France owns 51% of the company’s share capital, and the other 49% is owned by 27 distributors. But expansion is only just beginning. AMERIGO International will now expand worldwide by allowing distributors that would like to benefit from its services to become members. «We will be welcoming our first members in the upcoming weeks,» announced Yves Maillière, Operational Director of AMERIGO International. «Official statements will take place at our seminar in April in Lyon, which will assemble all our shareholders for a General Meeting. It will also be a special occasion to exchange and share best practices, with a visit from our French shareholder GPI.»

AMERIGO International will continue to connect its partner distributors at numerous events that have already been planned for this year:

• From April 10 to 12, the annual AMERIGO International seminar will be held in Lyon, France, with all members and suppliers;

• From April 23 to 27, AMERIGO International will be exhibiting at Automec Sao Paulo;

• From June 10 to 12, AMERIGO International will be exhibiting at Automechanika Dubai;

• From August 28 to 29, AMERIGO International will be exhibiting at the Automechanika Moscow trade fair;

• From October 15 to 19, AMERIGO International will, of course, be present at the Equip Auto Paris trade fair, where the adventure first began in October 2017.


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