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Equip Auto 2019 - Press Release

AMERIGO International presents E-RELIABLE, the Digital Platform with unprecedented features for international trade

International services company AMERIGO International continues to deploy its solutions with the launch of its innovative digital platform E-RELIABLE which was presented at the 2019 Equip Auto Paris trade fair. This unique platform allows distributors to place their orders directly with suppliers, while meeting all the specific needs of international trade.

E-RELIABLE proves once again AMERIGO International’s drive and agility in providing dedicated solutions, both for parts and services, to its members as well as to the entire international automotive aftermarket.

AMERIGO International’s purpose is to facilitate international exchanges and improve distributors’ access to the parts they need, on a global scale. A year only after starting business, AMERIGO International launches its E-RELIABLE digital platform, presented during the Equip Auto trade fair. Amerigo International quickly became a leader in its market and has now reached the digital maturity that distributors in emerging markets expect from a network company.

The RELIABLE catalog has become the E-RELIABLE digital orders platform

E-RELIABLE is the digital evolution of the useful RELIABLE catalog which was especially tailored for emerging markets specific vehicles and to address their constraints. This catalog has been tailor-made based on supply data (TecDoc) or original equipment.

Ever since it was launched, the RELIABLE catalog has been constantly improved and reworked to ensure the best match with marginal or even unknown vehicles in Europe. This catalog also includes a lot of technical information, including mounting diagrams and video tutorials for mechanics around the world.

From 2020, the new E-RELIABLE digital orders platform will enable distributors around the world to place their electronic orders reliably and instantly, whatever the local standards. E-RELIABLE reflects AMERIGO International’s strong ability to adapt to the expectations of the markets and distributors that it unites: «Developed markets have set up a standard, such as TecCom, to enable distributors to place their orders. At the Equip Auto trade fair, we will present the very first solution created for the specificities of emerging markets» says Olivier van Ruymbeke, CEO of AMERIGO International.

Innovative features for E-RELIABLE

An evolution of the catalog and as such underpinned by the same logic of co-construction, E-RELIABLE is to become the platform the sector expects in view of the dynamism and volatility of emerging markets. This digitalization is based on requirement specifications that take into account the specific expectations of each market and each member distributor, and it integrates totally innovative features.

In addition to passing orders and soon processing invoices, the E-RELIABLE platform will offer functionalities that answer the specific and essential requirements of international trade, such as consolidation shipments. Distributors may then optimize filling up containers, or choose the best shipping point among their suppliers’ several warehouses worldwide.

«These completely innovative functions show to what extent the E-RELIABLE digital platform has been designed by international trade specialists» says Olivier van Ruymbeke; «any distributor, whether in Algeria or in Chile will be able to place orders to his supplier as easily as if he were in France or in Germany».

Full compliance with suppliers’ trade policy

Although E-RELIABLE is accessible to all members of AMERIGO International, orders are only possible between distributors and suppliers who have already formalized their desire to work together. «We want to facilitate and streamline existing commercial relations, but in no way interfere in the commercial or pricing policy of our go-to suppliers», insists Olivier van Ruymbeke. “On E-RELIABLE buyers must be endorsed by their suppliers before they can place orders.”

Each of the 24 suppliers referenced by AMERIGO International will integrate E-RELIABLE by the 2020 Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair.

E-RELIABLE will be presented and live tested at the 2019 Equip Auto Paris trade fair on the AMERIGO International booth, before it becomes accesible to all AUTOMOTOR France customers and AMERIGO International members in February 2020.

3 new members at Equip Auto

The 2019 Equip Auto Paris trade fair will be the opportunity to announce the arrival of three new members, based in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai. «It was crucial to find the right partners in a market as strategic as China with its 240 million vehicles. Dubai, at every crossroads in the Middle East, also offers an exceptional opening in Africa and Asia. We are pleased to welcome these three new members to the AMERIGO International family» says Olivier van Ruymbeke.

These three new arrivals bring the number of active members of AMERIGO International to 33.

Next Convention in Dubai

Dubai will host the next AMERIGO International Convention in June 2020, at the end of Automechanika Dubai 2020 (June 7-9).


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