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Azerbaijan: SR GROUP CO LLC joins AMERIGO International

SR GROUP CO LLC, a multiplayer and a major player in spare parts in Azerbaijan, joins AMERIGO International.

Operating in Azerbaijan since 2012, SR GROUP CO LLC is a leader in the the country, selling spare parts all other the market. Threw AutoStar Kaucasus GmbH Azerbaijan and SKAZ AUTO HOUSE LLC, the group is the official dealer of Mercedes Benz, Skoda Auto and Pirelli tires.

SR GROUP CO LLC provides its services of sales and after sales (including repairs services) for all Mercedes Benz cars and for the entire Volkswagen Group.

The group also owns express service centers in Baku, capital of Azerbaijann and a spare parts distribution and showroom center; covering all types of car brands.

SR GROUP CO LLC also provides car parts of brands like: Bridgestone, Michelin, Hankook, Varta, Exide, Optima, Shell, Motul, Meguin, Hengst, ZF Parts, Lemforder, Sachs, Philips, Bosch, Febi, Federal Mogul…

With more than 720 employees, the group also operates in the cleaning products sector, construction industry, electron appliances dealerships, food and beverage sector, medicine, Hazar MMC and Ultratek MMC. The organization today targets to become leader in its market, nationally and internationally.

SR GROUP CO LLC's membership in AMERIGO International is an opportunity for our Suppliers to diversify their ranges and their territories. Welcome!


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