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Automechanika Moscow l Land of the automotive

When talking about a Russian car, we think instinctively of the Lada brand vehicles that are recognized as the best-selling cars on the European market. But this former communist country was able to stand out and produce other brands than the Lada Vesta and Lada Granta. Vehicles of the Russian brand Moskvitch, Volga and Dragon Motors are also among the most popular Russian cars in the world. Not only have they made the reputation of the Russian automotive market, they have also taken center stage. Moreover, luxury limousines, off-road SUVs, supercars or Russian trucks made the best and the worst of the Russian automobile.

After two years of uninterrupted recovery, the Russian automotive market fell in February, according to figures presented by manufacturers worried by the gloomy outlook. However, Russian cars will regain their fame on the world market thanks to state subsidies according to the experts' demonstration. In January, sales of Russian vehicles had stagnated with near-stability, calling into question the rise in manufacturers' VAT. Based on total sales since last October, the Russian car market ranks 5th in the European ranking.

Experts note that this sector has achieved a significant growth rate for some months now, which is not the case, for example, with the UK car market continuing to decline. Consumers are recovering, indeed, confidence since a few months. This passage is therefore positive, but it is still necessary to know how to change the Russian car market in the coming months so that the situation stabilizes and grows.

Be that as it may, Russian automakers have gone on the global market with one of the largest auto markets in the country. For cars of the Russian brand, this craze is explained by the quality of the cars as a whole, but it is also explained by the competitive cost.

Lada, the most sold Russian brand in the world

The car manufacturer AvtoVAZ owned by the Alliance Renault-Nissan had rather resisted this bleak climate. The Russian car brand Lada is number one in the Russian automotive market and ranks 48th in the top 50 world leaders in terms of vehicle trade. According to statistics, the manufacturer AvtoVAZ has sold nearly 286,000 cars of the Russian brand Lada for only nine months in 2018. Thus, it increases sales by 21%.

According to Focus2move's assessment, Lada Vesta and Lada Granta are among the best-selling models in the global market.

In 2017, the Lada Vesta SW 1.61 voted best economic novelty 2018 made an entry into the Austrian car market. This Russian car manufacturer is one of the best alternatives for consumers who want to save money. This model benefits from various positive indicators, be it in terms of price, level of fuel consumption or level of conservation of its value over time.

The Aurus, a successful product on the world market

The Russian automotive brand Aurus has launched the Aurus Senat model in May 2018. This range of premium cars has entered the European market, they are especially intended for senior executives of the state and other important personalities. Having been developed as part of the Kortezh project, the Aurus limousine was unveiled to the European public at the beginning of March at the Geneva Motor Show for the first time. To produce this vehicle over the next three years, Tawazun will invest 110 million euros and become the general distributor in North Africa and the Middle East. The project itself is proving to be efficient and attractive for business as well as for potential investors.

This premium class vehicle was already available in limo and sedan. Soon, other models will emerge: minivan, all-terrain, motorcycle, etc. While Vladimir Putin's new Aurus limousine was unveiled to the Russian public on the occasion of his inauguration ceremony in May 2018, his first world appearance took place at the United Arab Emirates show. Faced with the arrival of this Russian Limousine-type car on the European market, Russia has all these chances of becoming the most successful country on the world car market.

If the mark has been registered with the IP Offices of the Benelux countries, Latvia and Lithuania, it could be required to replace the name locally, following the filing of the French Michelin, Japanese Toyota application. and Italian Lamborghini.

Zetta the tiny new electric car from Russia

The next December should see the arrival of a new representative of the trend electric car: Zetta. For three years, its implementation on the market is developed with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, according to the press release of Denis Shchurovsky. This product of the Russian brand has already passed all validation tests, hence, it remains only to begin the certification procedure and produce it in series. According to Shchurovsky, CEO of the company behind the car, this three-door, cubic-shaped car could be marketed at around 15,000 units a year in the country, while the remaining 10,000 could be delivered to the country. abroad in 2020-2021. This autonomous vehicle is a 99% Russian product, except the battery which is imported from China. It should be noted that this compact electric car will be sold for 450,000 rubles, or 6,260 euros. Even though the ruble devalued three years ago, the Russian government turned to exports. This is why Russia's automotive industries have strongly integrated the global automotive market with the export of high value-added products to the country.

The Russian autonomous truck called Gruzovikus

Gruzovikus is a Russian autonomous vehicle project that designers hope to concretize soon. When the legislation and infrastructure for autonomous cars are developed, this truck will certainly be the pride of the Russian car industry. It should be noted that for several years, Russian engineers have been working on the modernization of driverless trucks. For example, the car manufacturer KAMAZ conducted tests of its autonomous truck model from 2015. Grouzovikus is therefore a vehicle that does not have room for a pilot, this is the concept of this autonomous vehicle proposed by the studio of Artiomi Lebedev. Possessing a powerful aerodynamics, this autonomous truck with profiled screen is able to protect the sidewalls of the dirt and to separate the flow of air encountered, the whole brings an optimal stability to the machine. In addition, it runs on electricity.

According to experts, this autonomous machine should be able to carry heavy loads. But since it is just a concept for the moment, the precise features have not yet been revealed. In short, this ordinary truck could certainly lower the cost of transporting goods, because it does not require rest or pay, which is not the case for human drivers.

AUTOMOTOR France knows the importance and the full potential of the Russian market. The AF brand is responding to the Russian market, and will continue to develop its ranges to meet them as perfectly as possible.

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