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Automechanika Frankfurt l The Launch

Less than a year after its launch was first announced and in line with the original development plan, AMERIGO International is now operational! The international services company was incorporated in August, with its first 22 shareholders meeting at the Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair. It was a chance to introduce the electronic catalogue RELIABLE, the first catalogue for spare parts and services designed to meet the needs of an international clientele.

The 22 founding shareholders together in Frankfurt

AMERIGO International is the fruit of the vision of Olivier van Ruymbeke, the President of AMERIGO International and AUTOMOTOR France« This is an international services company operating in a network and backed by 45 years of expertise in emerging markets ». What is its DNA? « To provide innovative services both to spare-parts suppliers and customers. » With a unique feature: while 51% of the capital in the company is owned by AUTOMOTOR France, 49% is owned by distributors. « This business model is a guarantee, » says Olivier van Ruymbeke« each distributor can have a real impact on the company’s decisions ».

When the trade fair opened, 22 distributors working in 18 markets on 4 continents were already company shareholders.

Active shareholders What is the profile of the shareholders? « They are all spare-parts importers with revenues of between 5 and 60 million euros a year. They are in independent and often family firms ». What are these shareholders expecting from AMERIGO International« Access to new, high-quality suppliers, improved purchasing conditions and services that are fully adapted both to the constraints and expectations in emerging markets, » says Olivier van Ruymbeke.

For them, it is out of the question to be sleeping partners, who just wait around for better negotiating conditions. « We wanted active shareholders, ones who could support and enrich our project. Our first meetings went beyond our expectations. Their detailed knowledge in each market was confirmed, but also their very high level of commitment. »

Suppliers answering the call The choice of suppliers is a key factor for the success of AMERIGO International. Some fifteen suppliers soon made a firm commitment for the next 3 years. The suppliers are all original equipment manufacturers, mainly in Europe, but also in emerging countries (Asia, Turkey, north Africa). « AMERIGO International will be a great business accelerator for original equipment manufacturers: they already have faultless, top-quality technology and products, but often lack the structures and local presence in the spare-parts market, » adds Olivier van Ruymbeke.

« Our purchasing strategy is clear: to limit ourselves to 2 suppliers or at most 3 suppliers when we have to meet specific needs, like the ones linked to premium German or Asian cars, » says Olivier van Ruymbeke.

The supply partners of AMERIGO International will benefit from access to a network of active importers and local sales teams. Two key elements to help face up to the regulatory, logistical and financial challenges in international trade. The network of supplier partners is coordinated by Fabien Moebs, Business Development Manager at AMERIGO International. Aged 45, he has enjoyed a rich career working for international spare-parts suppliers such as Sogefi (Purflux) and Hutchinson. His job is to lead discussions with the supplier partners and guarantee the coordination of the distributor-shareholders.

Among the solutions on offer from AMERIGO International: inclusion in the RELIABLE e-catalogue, specially designed for the car market in emerging countries.


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