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AF: AUTOMOTOR France and AMERIGO International on the road

This morning was the first operational meeting between Sylvain ABERGEL (Marketing, Sales and Purchasing Director for AUTOMOTOR France), Fabien MOEBS (Global Business Manager for AUTOMOTOR France) and Émile BOUCTON (Business Developer for AMERIGO International), the topic of the day: the expansion of AUTOMOTOR France's distribution brand, AF.

AF is now sold in more than 50 countries and continues to develop its ranges. The brand provides its importers with a range of OE quality products, tested, certified and at competitive prices. Supported by the logistics of AUTOMOTOR France, AF combines the quality of parts and competitiveness in markets that are increasingly in demand for innovative products. With its 4,500 references, the private label of the French international company is one of the keystones of the independent spare parts business.

AF is also a centerpiece for AMERIGO International members: with attractive bonuses, the French brand allows importers in the group to multiply and diversify their ranges. This is particularly the case of GPI (Groupement des Plateformes Indépendantes) founded in 2016. Uniting CDAL (Lyon), CDAL Sud (Marseille), DCA Platforms (Gennevilliers), Altone (Toulouse), Béziat (Bègles) and Métropole Dépôt ( Saint-Herblain), Centrale Dépôt (Vierzon), Barre Stock Logistic / Plateforme 1878 (Leers), DCA Rennes (Rennes); GPI is today one of the flagship of the AF brand developed by AUTOMOTOR France.

It is with this in mind that the representatives of AUTOMOTOR France and AMERIGO International met this morning to develop AF with the members of the group, in France and abroad.


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